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                 Pre-formed Splints
      Rolyan® Pre-Formed Functional Position Splints
Pre-formed functional position splints are made from low temperature thermoplastic materials that can be modified easily for a custom fit. For size measure the width of the second to fifth MCP.
1 Rolyan® Pre-Formed Walker Splint
For people whose grasp is weak due to loss of range of motion, muscle weakness or sensory loss. Made from Polyform splinting material with Kushionflex padding. Can be easily adapted by using a heat gun or in hot water. Complete with straps. For size, measure width of hand at knuckles, not including the thumb. (Original design courtesy of Beth Beach, OTR).
Left Right Size
081290360 081290378 Small/Medium 7.6-8.9cm 081290386 081290394 Large 8.9-10.2cm
2 Rolyan® Functional Position Splint with Slot and Loop Strapping
Pre-formed functional position splint that places the wrist and hand in approximately 30° of wrist extension, neutral deviation, 35° of MCP flexion, and 20° of PIP and DIP flexion.
Sizing as above.
Up to 6.4cm 6.4-8.8cm 8.9-11.3cm 11.4cm+
Left Right
081265578 081265586
081265594 081265602
081265610 081265628
Small Medium Large
 3 Rolyan® Perforated Functional Position Hand Splint with Strapping
Pre-formed from 3.2mm Polyform splinting material, splint provides maximum ventilation. Sizing as above.
Left Right
081265636 081265651
081265669 081265677
081265685 081265693
Small Medium Large
 4 Rolyan® Functional Position Hand Splint with Strapping
Pre-formed from 3.2mm Polyform splinting material. Includes three self-adhesive straps. Sizing as above.
Left Right
081265537 081265644
081265750 081265776
081265784 081265792
Size Colour
Left Right
081265339 081265347
081265354 081265362
081265370 081265388
Small Medium Large
Small Medium Large
White White White
 5 Rolyan® Aquaplast Functional Position Splint
Can be reheated and reshaped repeatedly. Transparent whilst soft for convenience when moulding. Sizing as above.
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