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                 Bed Assists
1 Homecraft Adjustable Back Rest
This back rest is adjustable via a simple ratchet mechanism, making it suitable for a wide variety of users and situations. Height of back 570mm (221/2˝). Width 500mm (193/4˝). Depth of base 390mm (151/2˝). Weight 2.2kg.
  Maximum 127 20
user weight
kg st
 2 Homecraft Deluxe Bed Rest
This deluxe back rest is manufactured from chrome plated
steel and comes complete with a comfy white vinyl back.
Can be adjusted to four positions to suit the needs of the user. Easily folded flat for storage and transporting. Height adjustment 280 to 430mm (11 to 17˝). Overall width 650mm (251/2˝).
Overall depth 540mm (211/4˝).
           Maximum 125 191/2
 user weight
kg st
 3 Homecraft Comfy Back Rest
Secure and comfortable, this back rest will adjust to a number
of positions, from a low lying angle, to an upright sitting position. The metal frame is covered with a breathable nylon fabric and is supplied with a small pillow for extra comfort.
Maximum height of back 580mm (223/4˝). Width 650mm (251/2˝). Depth 500mm (191/2˝). Weight 2.8kg.
  Maximum 113 173/4
user weight
kg st
 4 Homecraft Chrome Folding Bed Cradle
Manufactured from chrome plated steel, this bed cradle fits under the mattress and folds away flat for storage when not in use. Supports the weight of bed clothes and reduces contact with
the user’s injury. Height 510mm (20˝). Length 500mm (201/2˝). Overall width 210mm (81/4˝). Maximum load 5kg.
5 Folding Bed Cradle
This fixed height bed cradle has arms to keep the bed clothes off the body. The base is placed between the mattress and
bed base. The arms fold flat for storage and transport.
It is also narrow, making it ideal for travelling. Folded width 362mm (141⁄4˝). Folded depth 63mm (21⁄2˝). Upright height 495mm (141⁄2˝). Width of frame 362mm (141⁄4˝). Length of frame 510mm (20˝).Weight 2.6kg.
6 Homecraft Adjustable Bed Cradle
A simple metal frame, whose base slips between the mattress and the bed base and the top forms a support cradle for the bed clothes to keep them clear of the feet and legs.
The height is adjusted easily and the frame is in two parts for easy storage or transport. For use at the side or end of the bed. Height 454 to 680mm (18 to 27˝). Width 356mm (14˝).
Length: Top 565mm (221/2˝); Base 710mm (28˝). Weight 3kg.
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