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                 Cot Sides & Bed Rails
 Homecraft Cot Side Bumpers
Made from thick foam, covered with wipe clean fabric. These bumpers are made to fit a variety of cot sides and are easily fastened in place. Supplied as a pair. Length 1524mm (60˝). Depth 381mm (15˝). Weight 1kg each.
These foam pads are covered with a wipe clean vinyl and have
a hook and loop closure along the length to secure them to a range of cot sides. Suitable for most profiling beds. Supplied as a pair, each one 2m (783/4˝) long. When mounted, they are 390mm (151/4˝) deep. Weight 2kg each.
To prevent the patient from pushing their limbs between the
cot sides and the mattress, this unit has two bumpers that are sewn together with a connecting loop. Covered in a wipe clean vinyl, the bumpers are well padded for protection against knocks and bumps. Once in position, the mattress secures
the system. Length 1340mm (53˝). Height 760mm (30˝). 091089663
Helps prevent patients from entrapment in the headboard, footboard or side rails. Also deters patients from bed exit.
The hook and loop flaps secure the wedge under mattress and the straps secure to the side rails, headboard or footboard. The wedge rises 250mm (10˝) above the mattress surface. Made of soft, durable foam and covered in wipe-clean vinyl, making cleaning easier. Length 950mm (38˝). Height 425mm (17˝). Depth 50mm (2˝).
 Full Length Cot Side Bumpers
 Connected Cot Side Bumpers
 Posey Horseshoe Wedge
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