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                 Tin, Jar & Bottle Openers
1 New Improved One Touch Can Opener A faster way to open cans of all types and sizes.
The new improved One Touch can opener has been redesigned with several improvements to the original One Touch Can opener. The opener is suitable for all types of cans including large pie cans and corned beef style cans.
• Cuts all sizes and shapes above 52mm
• Easier to use, clean and replace batteries
• 50% faster cutting time over Original One Touch Can opener • Battery life of 100 cans vs Original 80
• Available in Classic or Comfort grip models
 2 CanpullTM Featuring Sodasnap
The Canpull is a durable device especially designed for opening ring pull cans. Extremely easy to use, just hook the end under the ring, fold forwards and then roll back. Suitable for users either with arthritis or with a weak grip. Stores easily on a hook or in
the cutlery drawer. Also features a sodasnap, which has been designed specifically for opening the ring pulls on cans of drink. Dishwasher safe.
3 Spillnot Jar and Bottle Opener
    This jar and bottle opener has three sunken cones of different sizes, lined with a non‐slip material. When a jar or bottle is pressed in the appropriate cone, it is gripped, leaving both hands free to twist the lid. Can be used in conjunction with certain openers. Fitted with four non‐slip feet.
Suitable for tops 44 to 108mm (13/4 to 41/4˝) diameter. Base measures 250×170×100mm. Weight 540g. 081015247
4 Homecraft Belliclamp Jar and Bottle Holder
This device hooks over the edge of a worktop and the jar or bottle is then placed in the V. The object is clamped by the ram, which can be pushed with the stomach or hip, leaving hands free to twist the top. The device is made of moulded plastic with non‐slip feet and rubber lining. Can be used with most jar or bottle openers. Suitable for items up to 120mm (43/4˝) diameter. Measures 330×190×90mm. Weight 580g. Latex free. 091096148
5 Multi-Opener
A handy, multi‐functional opener for bottle caps, screw tops
and ring pulls. The handle provides great leverage for opening screw‐on bottle tops. Ring pull seals are easily broken by inserting the ring into the end of the opener and lifting. On the same end is a bottle cap opener. The notch on the underside
of the opener can be used to break the seal on twist off jar lids to make opening easier. The coloured parts of the opener are
a non‐slip material to prevent the users grip on the handle from slipping and to secure the opener onto the bottle top. Latex free. Weight 42g.
6 Baby Boa
A versatile device that can be used to assist with turning or opening in hundreds of instances, inside or out. Gives an excellent grip on any item from 10 to 100mm (1/2 to 4˝) in diameter. Simply place the loop over the item, pull the tail until tight and then turn in the direction of the arrow. Weight 72g. 091095934
This product is suitable for use in a dishwasher.
These products are supplied in retail packaging.
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