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                 Plates & Dishes
1 Plate with Inside Edge
The curved inside edge keeps food from sliding off the plate to make self-feeding easier for children or adults. Plate is 230mm (9˝) in diameter with a 25mm (1˝) rim and a 13mm (1/2˝) edge. Dishwasher safe up to 80°C (180°F) and microwave safe. Made from polypropylene.
2 Round Scoop Dish
Moulded low at the front and high at the back, this unbreakable, round scoop dish is especially useful for those eating with just one hand. Non-slip, rubber padded bottom provides control when using the scoop feature. 200mm (8˝) diameter. Washes
in top shelf of domestic dishwashers. Not recommended for microwave use.
081005636 Yellow
081005644 Ivory
081111780 Red
3 Scoop Plate
Ideal for the one-handed user. The vertical wall guides food onto utensils. This lightweight polypropylene plate has a non-slip rubber-coated base to prevent sliding. Entry wall is 13mm
(1/2˝) high and steadily increases upward to 38mm (11/2˝). 230mm (9˝) diameter provides plenty of space for any size meal. This microwaveable plate has a 19mm (3/4˝) rim for easy handling. Dishwasher safe.
091098896 White 091098904 Blue
This product is suitable for use in a dishwasher.
Differences between melamine and polypropylene:
• Heavier weight plastic • Break resistant
• Scratch resistant
• Stain resistant
• Not microwavable
• Dishwasher safe up to 80°C (180°F)
• Lightweight plastic • Unbreakable
• Can scratch
• Can stain
• Microwavable
• Dishwasher safe up to 80°C (180°F)
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