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                 Homecraft Cups & Mugs
         BEST SELLER
 1 Homecraft Shatterproof Mug
This attractive mug is made from a tough, shatterproof material to prevent accidental breakage. The liquid consumption is easily measured by the marked gradations and the mug is supplied with a choice of lids. The spout lid helps with drinking and the recessed spill-proof lid avoids splashes. The mug is dishwasher safe and microwaveable, but the lids should be washed by hand. 081569656
2 Homecraft Two Handled Mug and Lids
This popular mug has larger handles and shaped finger holds for ease of use. Gradations in the translucent material allow liquid consumption to be measured. The mug has a larger 270ml (9fl.oz) capacity. The lids supplied also fit the 081569656 shatterproof mug. Supplied as a pair with two lids – one spout lid and one splash lid. The mug is dishwasher safe, but lids should be cleaned in warm soapy water only.
091099571 Pair Retail Packed 3 Homecraft Wide Base Mug
This mug is made from high strength polycarbonate and has
a wide base for stability to help prevent tipping. The dual handles provide a secure grip making it ideal for anyone who has a limited grasp. It also features visible graduations on the side so that liquid consumption can be easily measured. Available with
either a white spouted lid or a clear spouted lid. An anti-splash
lid is also supplied with the 091001262 mug. Capacity 285ml. Dishwasher safe.
091100049 Mug with Solid White Lid
091001262 Mug with Transparent Lid
These products are supplied in retail packaging.
This product is suitable for use in a dishwasher.
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