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                 Cups & Mugs
   1 Vital Cup
Drink with ease – even in bed. The Vital Cup is designed for anyone who has a limited range of motion of the neck and can be used when lying in bed. Its unique design enables you to drink comfortably and independently due to the cone shaped interior cup. The contents of the cup can be emptied completely and easily without having to tip the cup. The Vital Cup is microwaveable and dishwasher safe. Height 115mm.
Weight 140g. Diameter 71mm. Capacity 200ml. 091530799 Red
2 RiJe Dysphagia Cup
The RiJe Dysphagia Cup is designed for people suffering with difficulty swallowing or requiring pre-determined dose of liquid. It is also ideal if you have a limited range of head, neck and arm movement. The portion size can be pre-set to any size from 3ml to 15ml to provide and accurate consistent delivery. The cup automatically dispenses a limited portion of liquid each time it stands in it’s upright position. Once the portion is withdrawn and the cup is placed in an upright position again, it delivers another portion within 2-3 seconds. The RiJe Cup benefits from large ergonomic handles for a secure grip and a good nose cut for easy drinking without tilting your head back. It can be used with water like or light nectar thickened liquids (approximately the viscosity of maple syrup). Dishwasher safe to 180°F and suitable for use with warm and cold drinks.
3 Cup with Built-In Straw
For adults or children who need to drink with a straw, the cup eliminates the need to continuously buy extra straws. The straw reaches the liquid at the bottom of the cup to prevent air ingestion. BPA and Phthalates free. Holds 370ml.
This product is suitable for use in a dishwasher.
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