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                 Kettles, Tippers & Holders
   1 Cordless Electric Mini Jug Kettle
A miniature kettle, ideal for boiling small amounts of water.
It has an automatic cut out switch and the base can be fixed down, with provision for screws. It is extremely light and easy to lift compared to standard kettles and is ideal when travelling. The kettle can be easily lifted from the base providing maximum freedom of movement when filling or pouring.
Size 190mm×125×205mm. Capacity 800ml. Weight 0.6kg. 091100239
2 Homecraft Long Handled Bottle Holder
This long handled wire frame is used to carry bottles easily and safely without having to bend to pick them up, leaving a hand free for support. Handle length 600mm (24˝).
Max bottle diameter 83mm (31/4˝). Weight 610g.
3 Derby Kettle and Teapot Tipper
This tipper allows the safe and steady pouring of hot liquids without lifting any weight. The Teapot Tipper is designed to
assist those who have problems with physical tremors or have difficulty in pouring. It is suitable for most types of teapots or electric kettles and comes with a Velcro® hook and loop strap for added security. Made completely from plastic it is lightweight and corrosion resistant. Suitable for use with cordless kettles. Length 205mm (8˝). Width 275mm (11˝). Height 200mm (8˝). Weight 500g. When using the tipper with a cordless kettle (especially a jug kettle) for additional safety, it is recommended that the Tipper Stabiliser Base is used.
091100163 Kettle Tipper 091100171 Stabiliser Base
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