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    1 Neoprene Rolls
Handling Characteristics
• Neoprene has a degree of elasticity enabling controlled movement, it consists of nylon lining on one side and Pile material on the other, over a rubber core, making for easy hook attachment.
• It is lightweight and non-bulky enhancing function and provides warmth that is ideal for arthritic joints. Sold in a bag. Latex free.
Clinical Indications
• Can be used either as strapping or for making soft splints • Warmth may be beneficial with hypertonicity
3.2mm Thickness
081292572 2.5cm×3.2m
  081292598 3.8cm×3.2m 081292580 5cm×3.2m
2 Neoprene Sheets Thickness Colour
Sheet Size
46×61cm 46×61cm 46×61cm 46×61cm 46×61cm 15×97cm 46×61cm
    091165992 1mm 091165976 2mm 091165984 2mm 091166024 3mm 091166032 3mm 091061894 3mm 091166065 3mm
Green Black Beige Black Beige Beige Blue/Black
 3 20mm Iron-On Seam Tape
Made from a nylon knitted fabric with a heat activated glue on the reverse. Ideal for fusing two pieces of neoprene together when making customised splints. To bond, place over the butted seam and heat with an iron. For maximum bond use tape on either side of the seam. 5 metre roll. Neoprene sheets sold separately. 091170448
4 Iron-On Hook
Attach to Neoprene, Breathoprene (opposite) or other fabrics with household iron on medium setting. 2.5×4.57m. Black. 081199140 Iron-On Hook
5 Rolyan® Neoprene Straps
Rolyan Neoprene Straps are stretchable, with 3.2mm thick Neoprene straps made with self-adhesive hooks. The rubber core features a nylon lining on one side and pile material on the other, making attachment to self-adhesive hook very easily. Straps retain warmth; are ideal for joints with arthritis.
081292614 5×36cm Pack of 10
6 Breathoprene with Hook-Receptive Backing
One side is nylon; the other, a hook-receptive loop. 46×61cm. Sold individually.
081063502 3.5mm Black
081081165 5mm Black
For a cutting mat, rotary cutter and other tools see page 51 onwards.
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