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                 Strapping Materials
 1 VELCRO® Brand One-Wrap
Re-usable hook and loop tape featuring the VELCRO® Brand HTH 888 and Loop 3905, which give consistent strength and infinite adjustability. This fabric fastener will not separate or delaminate. No adhesive is used and the hook and loop elements are integrally fused. The soft fabric loop is comfortable if worn close to the skin. The continuous tape creates no costly wastage - you just cut the tape to create the strap size you require. White only. 091132711 25mm×10m
091132729 50mm×10m
2 VELCRO® Brand Thin Strapping Material
Soft pile loop fabric. Very thin - an excellent choice for strapping between fingers or in paediatrics splinting. Compatible with standard hook or HTH hook.
091061845 13mm×9m
3 VELCRO® Brand High Tech Hook (HTH)
Flexible plastic hook does not attract lint and seldom snags clothing. Compatible with all loop and soft strapping materials. Translucent material blends with any colour of splint or strapping material. Sold in a manufacturer’s box.
091045525 25mm×9m 091045533 50mm×25m
4 VELCRO® Brand Self-Adhesive Tabs
Attach splint straps with pre-cut tabs. Prevents adhesive build up on scissors. Flexible plastic hook does not attract lint and seldom snags clothing. Compatible with all standard loop and soft fabric strapping materials. White. In rolls of 169 pieces. 25×50mm. Sold in a bag. Eliminates waste.
5 VELCRO® Brand Self-Adhesive Coins
These coins can be used as a set to create a secure closure or in conjunction with the appropriate hook or loop tape. Gives you flexibility to create suitable straps and ties for a wide range of clinical and medical applications. White only. 091132737 Hook 22mm Diameter 200 pack 091132745 Loop 22mm Diameter 200 pack
6 VELCRO® Brand Clear Tabs
Self-adhesive hooks compatible with all loops. Apply quickly and securely. Blends with any colour splinting material. Does not pick up lint or snag clothing. Packaged on roll for quick dispensing. Latex free.
091425107 2.5×6.4cm 120 pack
7 VELCRO® Brand Rapid StrapTM Kit
Allows you to adjust straps to any length you need – without sewing. This versatile system lets you attach the hook tip and D-ring onto the loop strapping using the unique double hook grip fastener.
The RAPID STRAP System includes: • 5m of sewn Double Faced Loop
• 5m of Laminated Double Face Loop • 10 double hook grip tips
• 10 double hook D-rings 081452200 Rapid Strap 25mm 081452218 Rapid Strap 50mm
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