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                 Strapping Materials
1 Rolyan® Self-Adhesive Securable II Straps
Soft, non-stretch straps made of 3.2mm padded loop material and self-adhesive hook. In packs of 10.
081264357 2.5×36cm - Pack
081264407 5×36cm - Pack
2 Rolyan® Self-Adhesive Foam-2 Straps
Strapping material is made of a comfortable 6.4mm thick foam with loop fabric on both sides and self-adhesive hook. 081265982 5×36cm - Pack of 10
3 VELCRO® Brand VelfoamTM II VelstrapTM
A ready-made, soft, padded strap of 25cm×5cm. Velfoam II and 10cm×2.5cm, self-adhesive VELCRO® hook. Peel off backing paper and press in place. Pack of 10.
4 Rolyan® D-Ring Straps
Long lasting nylon allows adjustable strap tension. Hook portion mates completely with loop - no exposed hooks to catch on clothing. May be glued to splinting materials. Pack of 10.
2.5cm Wide
White Length
081263466 36cm 081263417 46cm 081263425 56cm 5cm Wide
White Length
081263490 36cm 081263508 46cm 081263516 61cm
5 Rolyan® Self-Adhesive Securable D-Ring Straps
Sturdy yet extremely comfortable padded, non-stretch straps. Self-adhesive to attach quickly and securely. Pack of 10.
For light to medium use.
081264423 2.5×38cm
081264373 2.5×46cm 081264365 5×38cm 081264381 5×46cm
6 Rolyan® Self-Adhesive D-Ring Straps
Special D-Ring Straps feature a nylon D-Ring and nylon loop and hook. Self-adhesive portion holds strap in place securely.
Pack of 10. For medium to heavy use.
081266097 2.5×30cm
081265917 2.5×46cm 081265909 5×30cm 081266089 5×38cm 081265925 5×46cm
7 Rolyan® Strap Pads
Increase comfort and distribution of pressure. Accommodate a 2.5 or 3.8cm strap. Made of 6.4mm foam laminated to loop fabric on both sides. Hand washable. Pack of 10. Latex free. 081280726 5×8cm
081280718 5×10cm
8 Self-Adhesive RThin Coins
These self-adhesives are coin shaped and save time and your scissors. Sold in rolls of 100 pieces per bag. Latex free. 081267533 3.5cm
081267541 4.8cm
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