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                 Strapping Materials
 1 Rolyan® Strapping Carousel
Helps organise and conveniently dispense your assortment of hook and loop materials. Accommodates strapping materials with or without centre cores. Roll size can vary from 4.6m to 25m. Carousel can hold a maximum of 14×25mm rolls, or a combination of 13mm to 178mm widths. Carousel sits on table/ countertop - or save work space by mounting unit on wall. Dimensions are 410×460×570mm. Strapping sold separately. 081263524 Rolyan Strapping Carousel
(includes 6 partitions) 081263540 Extra Partition - Each
2 Rolyan® Wrap Strapping Material
Strong yet soft strapping material with loop on both sides. Stitching on both edges provides reinforcement and prevents fraying. Sold in a bag.
091047315 5×13.7m
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