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                 Scooter & Powerchair Clothing
     1 Days Scooter Poncho
Designed with a full length zip, this lined scooter poncho is quick and easy to put on. The knitted cuffs are covered by the ends of the sleeves, giving a smart finish and preventing the fabric from getting wet. A snug fitting hood and neckline zip combine to offer maximum protection and comfort. A small pouch can be used
to carry items close to hand. Seams are sealed for maximum waterproof protection.
091118504 Lined
091208198 Unlined
2 Days Universal Scooter Cape
This practical, lightweight cape offers all-round protection for both you and your scooter. The cape is made from waterproof nylon with a chest zip and has a transparent panel so you can see the controls and ensure road users can still see your lights. 091118348
3 Days Scooter Cosy
Protect yourself from the cold and rain with this scooter cosy. The waterproof outer and fleece lining provide warmth and comfort, while the full length zip makes it easy to put on and take off. There are flaps at the bottom so your feet can rest comfortably at either side of the tiller. Ideal for use with the scooter poncho.
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