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                 Scooter & Powerchair Clothing
   1 Days Scooter Storage Cover
Protect your scooter with this universal storage cover in waterproof rip stop nylon. Elasticated base for tighter fit. Machine washable.
091163799 Small/Medium
091118314 Medium/Large
2 Days Deluxe Scooter Storage Cover
This heavy duty PVC coated cover fits over virtually any scooter. The elasticated cord at the bottom runs smoothly through the eyelets, allowing the user to fit the cover easily without struggling with an elasticated hem. A useful clamp keeps the cord tight and ensures the cover remains securely over the scooter. Dimensions: 680×1450×1400mm (263⁄4×57×55˝)
091118496 Blue
3 Days Powerchair Cape
A waterproof cape designed specifically for electric wheelchairs. Offers maximum protection to the user and the control panel of the chair. The controls remain visible through the clear panels inset into both sides of the cape. A luxury cotton lining provides additional warmth and comfort. The elasticated back fits over the rear of the chair to deflect rain away, whilst the close fitting elasticated design keeps the cover away from the wheels. 091119429
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