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                 Heat Guns
    1 SteinelTM Hot Air Gun with LCD Display - HG2320
Top of the range, sturdy hot air gun with variable temperature and airflow, LCD display and stand. The built-in safety stand on this heat gun allows clinicians to use both hands to manipulate splinting materials when needed.
091554435 UK Plug
091555051 EU Plug
2 SteinelTM Hot Air Gun - HL1920E
Hot air gun with variable temperature 9 stage dial. The variable temperature control dial allows users to adjust temperatures between 50°C and 600°C. Compact and lightweight construction. 091553700 UK Plug
091555069 EU Plug
Using the nozzles on the Steinel air guns increases the possibilities of splinting and finishing.
   3 Steinel Hot Air Gun HL1620S
The heat gun has two heating and airflow settings. Temperature ranges from 300-500°C.
091553692 UK Plug
091555044 EU Plug
4 Air Gun Nozzles
  091131119 A
091131127 B 091131143 C 091131150 D
Reduction Nozzle 9mm Reduction Nozzle 14mm Reflector Nozzle Standard 37×56mm Surface Nozzle 75mm
    5 Gluematic Glue Gun
The Gluematic Glue Gun makes for easy customising of your splints. Used to fix padding, straps and outriggers to orthotics, adheres to thermoplastics and neoprene devices.
091171487 Glue Gun UK Plug
091171495 Glue Sticks 500g
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