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                 Heat Pans
1 Rolyan® Heat Pan Liners
Protects heat pans while allowing easy transfer of splinting materials. Non-stick liners prevent materials from adhering to heat pan bottoms.
081280585 38×61cm
081280593 23×38cm 2 Nylon Spatula
Made from high density resin (nylon) and is heat resistant up to 204°C. Ideal for retrieving splinting materials from a heat pan and minimises scratches, saving scissors from corrosion. 081187236
3 Rolyan® Thermapen Thermometer
The Thermapen gives an accurate reading of your heat pan
in less than 4 seconds! The fold away probe protects from breakage. Temperature ranges from –50°C to 200°C. The large digits are easy to read. Test certificate of accuracy included. Heat pan and splint materials sold separately.
4 Syphon
Replacement syphon. Used to efficiently remove water from heat pans after use.
5 Rolyan® Heat Pan Cart
Top shelf designed to securely hold large heat pans. Bottom shelf will hold splint making tools as well as 61×91cm sheets of splinting material. Durable, will not dent or chip. Easy to clean leak proof shelves. Features swivel wheels at the handle end
of the cart for easy transportation. Cart: Height 65.7cm. Length 114.9cm. Width 65.7cm.
Oversize items will be subject to additional carriage charges. Please contact Customer Services for more information.
Spares are available for this product, for details and full spares listing please see pages 769 – 772.
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