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1 Medidisc
A small, lightweight stand-on turntable that has a flexible rim allowing the carer to control turning action, giving an effortless transfer. A carrying handle makes this an easily transportable transfer aid. Non-slip studs on underside. Diameter 380mm (15˝). Weight 1kg.
  Maximum 115 18
user weight
kg st
 2 Transfer Turntable
This strong yet lightweight plastic turntable provides easy rotation through 360° for functional standing and seated transfers.
Ideal for bed to chair or car transfers. Diameter 405mm (151⁄2˝). Weight 1kg.
3 Rota Cushion
The Rota Cushion is a specific aid to swivelling patients in a seated position. It consists of two low friction flexible discs that rotate against each other on a central disc. It features an anti-slip base and foam cushioned upper in soft, breathable, waterproof fabric to improve comfort and reduce sweating.
Diameter 380mm (15˝).
Maximum 115 18
user weight
kg st
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