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                 Tools & Accessories
    1 Flip Utility Knife
Includes two standard utility blades. Remains stable while scoring splinting material.
081565449 Flip Utility Knife
081565456 Pack of 5 replacement blades
2 FiskarsTM Non-Stick Scissors
Cuts through glue, tape and other adhesives without damaging the blades. Sticky material can be wiped off easily with damp cloth. Offset handles of large scissors increase cutting efficiency on flat surfaces. Small version is ideal for arts, crafts and cutting in small places.
081080332 12.7cm Universal 081080324 20cm Right Handed
3 Super Shears
Excellent for trimming splints evenly as hardening begins. Double plated chrome over nickel. Length 20cm. 081272244 Right Handed
4 Curved Scissors
Curved scissors that cut curves easily to the right or left. Heavy duty chrome plated. Use on warm splinting material. Length 20cm.
081272194 Right Handed
5 FiskarsTM Scissors
High quality, ultra lightweight, stainless steel scissors. Ideal for cutting heated splinting materials. Leaves a smooth edge. 20cm long.
081186337 Right Handed
081186345 Left Handed
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