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                 Tools & Accessories
1 FiskarsTM SoftouchTM Scissors
Offset handle makes cutting on flat surfaces easy. Oversized cushioned handles distribute pressure evenly and allow use
of the whole hand. Blades open after every cut due to a gentle spring action that helps reduce hand fatigue. Scissors can be stored safely by securing the blades with the easy-slide lock. Ideal for individuals with cumulative trauma disorders and arthritis and for people who use scissors frequently.
081165919 Right or Left Handed 2 Heavy-Duty Wire Cutters
Excellent for cutting outrigger wire and for trimming the extender rods on the Rolyan Adjustable Outrigger. Plastic coated handles improve comfort. Length 22cm.
3 Needle Nose Pliers
Drop-forged steel pliers with highly hardened cutting edges. Rubber coated handles. Length 15cm.
081286269 Right or Left Handed
4 Deluxe Revolving Hole Punch
Quality revolving punch has a side spring that automatically adjusts tubes in position for punching. Made of forged steel for years of reliable service. Total length 22cm. Throat depth is 3.8cm. 081551985
Replacement Tubes
081551993 2.4mm Tube
081552017 2.8mm Tube
081552033 3.2mm Tube
081552009 4.0mm Tube
081552025 4.4mm Tube
081552041 4.8mm Tube
5 90° Wire Bender
Ideally suited for bending copper wire (081275908, 081275916 and 081275924) used for dynamic outriggers. Vinyl cushion grips are comfortable and reduce stress to the hand.
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