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                 Tools & Accessories
    1 Outrigger Wire
Finest quality copper coated steel welding rod. Bends easily with pliers or the 90° Wire Bender (page 54). Ideal for making outriggers. 12×91cm lengths per pack.
081275924 1.6mm
081275908 2.4mm 081275916 3.2mm
2 Spring Wire
16.5 gauge wire available in 18m reel. Recommended for dynamic splinting of PIP joints. Wing nut brake in reel provides easy handling. Use with wire bending jig below.
Wire width 0.98mm.
081276492 Reel
3 Bending Jig
Recommended for 16.5 or 17 gauge spring wire (081276492). Constructed of aluminium and steel. Includes four screws for fastening to large base.
4 Aluminium Screw Rivets
Lightweight yet stress resistant. For temporary or permanent attachment of hinges or straps. Width 6.4mm. Shaft length 6.4mm. 081268994 50 sets
5 Nickel-Plated Speedy Rivets
For fastening a strap to an orthosis. All sizes take a 3.2mm hole. Can be set inside and hammered until the rivet lies flat with
the material. Pack of 100.
  Size Diameter Length
081189497 Small 6.4mm 4mm 081189513 Medium 4mm 4.7mm 081189521 Large 4mm 11mm
6 Finger Hooks
Grip Range
3.2-4.7mm 4-5.5mm 4.7-6.0mm
 6.4mm steel hooks can easily be bent and glued to fingernails. Use with rubber bands for dynamic splinting.
081275197 Pack of 100
7 Rolyan® Wrap-On Finger Hooks
Alternative to gluing hooks directly onto fingernails. Great for use with burn patients and amputees as well as people with sensitive nail beds and general hand trauma. Made of thin strapping material and lined with slip resistant material to help prevent migration. Secure to finger tips with a hook strap. Adequately sized for large fingers; easy to trim to fit any size.
081275213 Pack of 5
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