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                 Tools & Accessories
    1 Tension Adjustable Finger Loop
Save time in splint fabrication by eliminating the need to tie monofilament to finger loops. Achieve precise traction forces quickly by sliding the monofilament through the aluminium connecting pieces. Change the amount of force by simply attaching a rubber band or graded spring. Saddle style sling design will accommodate oedematous fingers. Finger loops are closed at top and slings are open. All loops made from ultra- suede material. Pack of 10.
081275700 76mm 081275718 102mm
2 Rolyan® Pre-Tied Finger Slings
Ready to use with outriggers. Made of soft, comfortable ultra-suede with nylon ties. Finger sling measures 2.2×7.5cm, may be trimmed for proper fit. Hand wash and air-dry. Pack of 10. Latex free.
3 Sup-R-SoftTM Finger and Thumb Slings
Washable, breathable ultra-suede material is easily trimmed. Eyelets for ease in attaching monofilament or elastic lines. Width 2.2cm. Pack of 10. Latex free.
081190008 Length 76mm
081190016 Length 102mm 4 Soft Finger Loops
These finger cuffs are made of soft foam for client comfort. Pre-punched holes for easy attachment of rubber bands or outrigger line. Can be trimmed for proper fit. Cuff measures: Length 5cm. Width 2.5cm. Latex free. Sold in packs of 10. 081189893
5 Finger Slings and Loops
Lightweight plastic with a cloth interface. Finger slings and loops are 2cm wide. Finger slings have a reinforced pre-punched eyelet. Easily trimmed. Tan. Latex free.
081189901 Finger Slings - Pack of 100
081189992 Finger Loops - Pack of 10
For ready made finger splints, please see pages 68 to 73.
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