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                 Tools & Accessories
    1 3PPTM Finger Trappers
Use in post-op or dynamic splinting application to provide more comfortable traction than nail hooks. Eyelet allows application
of traction lines. Circumferential design assists with oedema control. This splint is breathable, washable and resists migration. One size fits most adult fingers. Pack of 5. Latex free. 091038355
2 Rolyan® BiodynamicTM Flexion/Extension Component
Includes components to use on one finger: finger wraps
with monofilament, line guide, tension-adjustable connecting piece and two tension adjustment strips. Splinting materials sold separately.
081282052 Set for 1 finger
3 Rolyan® Individual Units for Flexion and Extension
Ideal when one or two digits are involved. Individual units
feature small pre-bent outriggers that can be placed over the metacarpals or on the fingers. Each outrigger holds one rod adjuster and extender rod unit for precise positioning of the MCP, PIP or DIP joint in flexion or extension. Kit includes five pre-bent outriggers, rod adjusters, rods, tip protectors, 10cm tension- adjustable finger loops, D-Ring straps for rubber band or graded spring attachment and an allen key. Splinting material and straps sold separately.
081283027 Kit
4 Rolyan® Pre-Bent Outriggers
For placement over the metacarpals on the fingers. 081080357 Pack of 5
5 Outrigger Line Connectors
Provide a professional and time efficient means of attaching finger loops or slings to outrigger line, eliminating the need to tie knots. Insert the line through the connector and crimp with pliers. Can accommodate 3.6 to 18kg outrigger line. Pack of 100. 081291830
6 Rolyan® Adjustable Outrigger Replacement Accessories
Individual components for dynamic splinting now available. 081283043 Complete Kit 5 of Each 081419605 B Rod Adjusters Pack of 25
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