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                 Dynamic Splinting Kits
1 Rolyan® Incremental Wrist Hinge
• Can be free moving with end range blocking or static to help prevent stress on healing tendons and nerves
• Adjustable from full extension to full flexion in increments of 10°, which are marked on the hinge
• Can be used for wrist fractures and dislocations, fractures at the base of the MCPs, stiff wrists or wrist contractures, and following tendon and nerve repairs and carpal tunnel release
• Excellent for four strand tendon repair protocol Hinge attaches to two part splint base (not included) to
position the wrist in the desired amount of flexion or extension. Adjustment screw provides simple hinge adjustments.
Includes metal wrist hinge, adjustment screws, and attachment screws. Hinge, which must be placed on the radial side, attaches with a screwdriver. Length adjusts to accommodate hands of various sizes. Not recommended for severe spasticity. 081268622 Left
081268614 Right
2 Rolyan® Pre-Formed Dynamic Wrist Splint
• Pre-fabricated splint makes dynamic wrist splinting simple
• Amount of traction easily adjusted by rotating wheels in
the hinge
• Adjustable to accommodate extra-small to extra-large wrists
• Easily adjustable for wrist flexion or extension with an Allen Key.
Includes straps. To determine size, measure circumference of palm around its widest area (do not include the thumb).
 081268630 Small 081268648 Medium 081268655 Large
18-20cm 21-23cm 24-25cm
   3 Phoenix Adjustable Elbow Hinge
Ideal for static, serial or dynamic splinting of elbow flexion or extension. Lightweight (57g) ball bearing hinge allows free movement within available range. Kit contains one elbow hinge, thumb nuts and hex wrench. Splinting material and straps
      sold separately.
081188341 Small 081188358 Medium 081188366 Large
Length of single hinge arm to axis
8.9cm 13cm 17.1cm
 4 Rolyan® Dynamic Pronation / Supination Kit
For the fabrication of dynamic pronation/supination splints.
Kit contains one length of tubing, two metal housings, hardware for attaching housings and instructions. Can be used with 081279819 to 081279843.
081295369 Kit
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