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                 AquaFormTM, Fracture Bracing & Bathing Accessories
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1 Rolyan® AquaFormTM Knee Immobiliser
• Hook and loop closure allows adjustments to accommodate fluctuations in soft tissue mass
• Amount of knee flexion can be adapted for the individual Custom moulded knee support immobilises the knee and helps
reduce pain. Ideal for use following surgery, fractures and sprains. Pre-cut 3.2mm non-perforated Aquaplast-T material provides
a lightweight brace. For size, measure circumference at widest point of thigh.
081262815 Small 081262823 Medium 081262831 Large
39.4 - 45.9cm 46 - 53.6cm 53.7 - 63.5cm
 2 Rolyan® AquaFormTM Ankle Splint
• Zipper provides custom fit without added bulk
Custom moulded ankle splint can be used to stabilise the ankle following surgery, fractures, and soft tissue injuries. Pre-cut 3.2mm 1% perforated Aquaplast-T material provides a lightweight splint. Splint can be remoulded to follow change in foot drop. Does not include padding and stockinette. For size,
measure circumference of ankle from calcaneum to lateral malleoli to dorsal ankle crease and back to calcaneum.
081262849 Small 081262856 Medium 081262864 Large
25 - 30cm 30 - 35cm 35 - 40cm
 3 Rolyan® AquaFormTM Corset
• Hook and loop closure attached to pre-cut blank allows adjustments to accommodate fluctuations in soft tissue mass
• Padding increases comfort
Can be used for low back pain and related issues. Pre-cut 3.2mm
non-perforated Aquaplast-T splinting material. For size, measure circumference of waist.
With Polycushion
081266626 Small 081266634 Medium 081266642 Large 081266659 X-Large Without Polycushion 081266667 Small 081266675 Medium 081266683 Large
Circumference of waist
61 - 74cm
75 - 89cm
90 - 107cm 108 - 124cm
61 - 74cm 75 - 89cm 90 - 107cm
Height of corset Sacrum thoracic region 37.6cm
37.6cm 39.1cm 43.2cm
 4 Rolyan® Pre-Formed Humerus Brace
Made with a Polyflex II thermoplastic shell, a soft polyethylene tongue, Kushionflex lining and hook and loop D-Ring straps. Use heat to achieve intimate moulding and better fit.
For size, measure proximal circumference of humerus.
Left Right
081279371 081279405 Small 081279363 081279397 Medium 081279355 081279389 Large
25.4 - 30.5cm 30.5 - 35.6cm 34.3 - 39.4cm
 5 Cast and Dressing Protectors
These comfortable waterproof protectors are easy to use and have a self-sealing band allowing them to be submerged.
Simply slip over a cast or dressing on either the leg or arm to protect them whilst showering or bathing. The neoprene band has a wide area of contact and therefore does not pinch the skin or feel constrictive. The main body is made from a pliable waterproof PVC/nylon mesh, which is roomy and slip resistant. It also contains an antimicrobial treatment providing protection against bacterial and fungal attack. The protectors are re-usable and will last, on average, eight weeks with normal use. Not suitable for use with open or undressed wounds. Latex free.
091078054 Arm (above elbow) 091078062 Leg (above knee) 091078070 Full Leg
Limb Circumference
250 - 290mm 390 - 540mm 520 - 650mm
All AquaFormTM splints ship flat and must be fitted by a medical professional. For more information on heat pans, please see pages 48 to 49.
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