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When is the chaplain available, and how does an employee contact a chaplain when special needs arise?
For routine contact, the chaplain’s email address and phone number will be available to both employer and
employee. Our goal is to respond to request or crisis situations in a timely manner. Calls made to the chaplain for
assistance will be returned in 24 hours or less.

Chaplains are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. You should always be able to talk by phone
with a chaplain from the Workplace Chaplain Services, LLC team within an hour of placing a call.

Because chaplains contact employees on a regular basis, employees often ask for assistance directly. Since
chaplains come to know the employees by way of a regular brief contact, there are very few barriers to initiating a
discussion and following up with regards to any concerns on successive visits.

Does Workplace Chaplain Services, LLC require chaplains to be affiliated with any specific church or

Can a workplace chaplain effectively care for all employees from varied backgrounds regardless of their
Yes. Chaplains are skilled workplace caregivers who are trained in providing care in a diverse environment.

Do chaplains “push religion” or focus primarily on the religious needs of employees?
No. Chaplains are sensitive to any needs employees may have. The approach is based on the military and hospital
chaplain models—to provide a neutral, nurturing, and always-available caregiver—with a focus on helping
employees and their families better manage and respond to basic issues that come up in their personal lives and at
work. Employees have the option to talk with chaplains about any issue, and employees decide where to take the
conversation. This means that the chaplain will listen to what the employee has to say, facilitate discussions with
the employee, and help the employee problem-solve healthy ways to deal with the situation. The chaplain will not
bring up spirituality unless the employee asks about spiritual issues.

What are the core standards of chaplaincy?
Availability: Chaplains are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to provide help and hope.

Relationships: Chaplains are more than an 800 number. Over time, chaplains get to know the employees they
work with, even if there is not a crisis to deal with. Chaplains take the time to build relationships with those they
serve so that if/when an emergency does arise, they won't have to call a stranger; they will be able to call a
chaplain whom they know and trust.

Permission: Chaplains are available to build relationships and to help, but they will not do anything without first
receiving permission from the employee. Chaplains respect those they serve, and they respect the trust that is
placed in them. Only with the permission of the employee will chaplains bring up personal or spiritual matters. In
such cases, chaplains follow the lead of the employee, and are pleased to be available if asked, but will not invite
themselves in.
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