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About Workplace Chaplain             Life Is Hard . . . Then We Go to Work
Services, LLC
                                     We are all people before we are employees. As human
Workplace Chaplain Services,         beings, we all deal with personal challenges at some point
LLC (WPCS) is a Brooklyn, NY         in our life, such as:
based company that provides
corporate chaplaincy for             ? A debilitating illness
businesses in the Tri-State Area     ? Substance abuse
and beyond.                          ? A failing marriage
                                     ? Incarceration
We provide the missing link in       ? Thoughts of suicide
business by taking care of your      ? Grief and loss
greatest assets: your employees. If  ? Infertility
your employees are whole, they
can give 100%.                       When our alarm clock goes off the next day, we can either
                                     call in sick or bring our struggle to work with us. Either
We provide care and compassion       way, it affects business, and it impacts those around us.
to help employees be complete—
mind, body, and soul. We believe     What Is the Best Way to Provide Help?
extending this kind of care
improves people’s lives and          The good news is that 87 percent of employees said they
improves human performance.          would work harder for a company that is willing to help
                                     them with their personal problems.1 But what is the best
When people are able to work         way to help employees and their immediate families with
through personal struggles in a      the tough issues of life while still maintaining
confidential and supportive way,     appropriate, healthy boundaries between managers and
morale goes up, and performance-     workers?
draining conflicts and corporate
cynicism go down.                    Answer: Corporate chaplaincy.

We incorporate a variety of means
for caring in the workplace,

? Confidential caregiving
? Crisis intervention
? Ethics training
? Coaching and development
? Referrals to other professionals
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