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Studies Indicate                                It’s Not About Religion
EAPs Are
Cost-Effective                                  Because chaplaincy and spirituality often go
                                                hand-in-hand, there are some common
The U.S. Department of Health and Human         misperceptions and fears about Chaplaincy
Services reports, “All of the published         Assistance Programs. But there’s no need to be
studies indicate that EAPs are cost-            afraid. Chaplaincy is not about pushing religion
effective.”5 More specifically, the U.S.        in the workplace; rather, it’s about personal care
Department of Labor has found that for          for people regardless of their beliefs or
every dollar invested in an EAP, employers      backgrounds.
generally save anywhere from $5 to $16.6
                                                This is not to say corporate chaplains don’t talk
In addition, EAPs can reduce sick leave         about faith. Indeed, if an employee initiates and
usage by 33 percent, work-related accidents     invites a conversation about faith, a chaplain
by 65 percent, workers’ compensation            will engage. But if that invitation has not been
claims by 30 percent, lost time by 40 percent,  made, a chaplain simply operates as a life coach,
and grievances by 50 percent.7                  listening, encouraging, advising on practical
                                                matters, and helping the employee or their
Goetzel, Juday, and Ozminkowski reviewed        family member deal with life’s pressures in a
findings across 21 studies related to Return    healthy way.
On Investment (ROI) conducted by
employers and their EAP providers. All of       Corporate chaplains follow the Guidelines on
the programs reported a positive ROI,           Religious Exercise and Religious Expression in
ranging from $1.49 to $13 per dollar spent      the Federal Workplace. In 60 years of corporate
on the program.                                 chaplaincy, with over 6,000 (and growing)
                                                corporate chaplains nationwide, there has never
Mental health programs demonstrated one         been a court case contesting this institution.
of the highest ROIs.8
                                                What Are the Benefits of Having a
Given the fact that employees utilize           Chaplaincy Program and What Role
Chaplaincy EAPs even more frequently than       Do Chaplains Play in the Workforce?
Traditional EAPs, the ROIs for organizations
with CAPs are even higher. Imagine what a       Benefits                Summary
difference a CAP can make in your
organization.                                   Cleric Services         Weddings, funerals, hospital visits,

                                                Safe Person             Advisor or confidant

                                                Early Warning           Employee personal issues
                                                Referral System         Alcohol, drug, suicide, financial,
                                                                        marriage, etc.
                                                Relationship Builder    Employee/employee &
                                                Religious/spiritual     Biblical perspectives, prayer, bible
                                                resource                study, etc.(ONLY BY REQUEST!)
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