Page 4 - 2017 INTA Annual Report
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 In 2017, the International Trademark Association (INTA) catapulted forward in our depth and breadth, expanding our geographic reach, our substantive scope, and our communications.
We ended the year strong, with a solid financial footing, an increased membership base that collectively contributes almost US $123 trillion to global gross domestic product annually, additional international offices, a record-breaking Annual Meeting, and a broadening of our educational programming and advocacy—in both issues and regions—to respond to a transformative professional environment and a rapidly changing global landscape.
For INTA, it was a pivotal year—one in which we wrapped up the 2014–2017 Strategic Plan, with accomplishments in all key areas, including protection of trademarks, communications, international expansion, and member satisfaction. The Board of Directors also approved our future direction, in the form of the 2018–2021 Strategic Plan.
This 2017 Annual Report underscores the Association’s significant operational milestones, policy achievements, long-standing and new resources, and other events and initiatives that marked this year. We present interviews with representatives of our regional offices to provide an inside look at INTA around the world. Moreover, peppered throughout are highlights of the work of some of the Association’s committees; this snapshot represents a mere fraction of the full picture of the overall— and impressive—activities undertaken by our member volunteers.

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