Page 7 - 2017 INTA Annual Report
P. 7

INTA’s broad international reach is one of our core strengths. In 2017, the Association’s global footprint accelerated, even beyond our previously fast course, as we made every effort to achieve the international expansion mandate that was one of four strategic directions of the Association’s 2014– 2017 Strategic Plan.
We have endeavored to expand our international presence for several reasons: to enable more meaningful engagement with, and support of, INTA’s evolving global membership; to stimulate more educational programming in other parts of the world; to help develop stronger relations with local intellectual property (IP) offices and national or regional associations; and to facilitate more targeted advocacy on a wide range of issues that affect brand owners and trademark professionals around the world.
To that end, INTA completed the last year of the 2014–2017 Strategic Plan with an expanded international scope in all areas: membership growth, establishment of permanent representative offices, advocacy, and bridge building. And we held our hallmark Annual Meeting, the largest trademark- related event in the world, in Europe.

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