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       Prospective Coronado Stone Products e-magazine
    We are a website and e-magazine design service company

who provides websites and digital e-magazines to create new
clients and customers and increase sales and income. Our
goal is not to replace your website, Our e-magazines provide
methods of viewing that tell your organization story in a
more natural method when we learned to read books.
Studies have shown additional sales and acquiring new cli-
ents are from twenty to thirty percent more reading when
viewed on an e-magazine than viewing a website. The aver-
age person reading an e-magazine spends about three to four
minutes. The average viewer of websites view sites from
seven to eleven seconds then returns to the website they
were most impressed with to take a closer look.
e-magazines are designed using PDF files and converted into
e-magazines. Another advantage of e-magazines are millions
of use our ipads or other tablets to view our e-mails and to
seek information for many uses. E-magazines are crystal clear
using tablet and smart cell phones and also very user friendly
viewing on desktop computers and laptops .

E-magazines features, company logos, links to your website,
search look up on e-magazine, links to social media, e-mail
to others, insert music and Videos. You may also use a PDF
file you have already designed and add additional pages or
delete pages you may wish to “experiment with”.

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