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     Summary Of Our E-magazines To Increase Your Sales
    First, I found your website when I searched for manufac-
tured stones for our fire place. Your website is the best on
the internet and offers the best selection of stone products!
I’m amazed at your wonderful selection of excellent quality
pdf files that features your products and information. All of
the files are very well designed and show your quality prod-
ucts in actual use of homes and business.
I have really enjoyed designing your prospective e-magazine
to show people your stone products. Your website provides
a “Treasure Trobe” of pictures and information! Home own-
ers and business seeking materials for new homes will be de-
lighted with your stone products. Your stones are also an ex-
cellent method to transform older homes and business to a
very fresh and exciting new looks!
We have designed websites for over twelve years, about two
years ago our clients started become concerned their web-
sites were not generating desired sales and new customers.
We talked to many website viewers to ask what features they
would like to find what they were seeking. Many complained
websites drop down page links were not visible for easy uses.
After many hours of research we concluded a different meth-
od of telling a company story and information using e-
magazines would be effective in addition to websites.

We'll have some additional comments later. Your prospective
e-magazine is on the following pages for you to review!
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