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            Other Methods To Utilize Our E-magazines
A few more comments about e-magazine benefits. The previ-
ous pages showed an effective menu using e-magazines.
Your UTube video Chanel can be inserted in your prospective
e-magazine the videos could be very helpful to customers.
On a following page we have designed a link to your website
architectural specification and design process instructions.
Your ‘About Us’ website page is very interesting and helps ex-
plain tour company benefits which most customers - clients
would enjoy. This information could also be designed in an e-
magazine if you wished too.
The Houzz website is an excellent information link which has
wonderful methods to use your products and create sales!
Your downloadable website page is excellent, this page could
also have e-magazines if you wanted on the website page.
I have lots of other possible uses if you wanted me to share
with you your website and or your prospective e-magazine .
The next page show some other methods we feel could help
enhance your excellent website to increase your company
sales and acquire new clients - customers.
We can also provide you with an e-mail portal for dealers to
as a way shown your website and prospective e-magazine.
The next page is a prospective front page of a dealer of your
products which links to your prospective e-magazine. This
could be an excellent way for your dealers to e-mail to their
clients - customers to view your products.
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