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                  legacy Society
tHE BEtHESDA HOSPitAl FOUnDAtiOn lEGACy SOCiEty RECOGniZES tHE GEnEROSity and vision of those who have chosen to leave a legacy of care by naming Bethesda a beneficiary in a charitable gift annuity, bequest, trust, retirement plan or life insurance policy.
Enrollment in the legacy Society is simply a matter of providing Bethesda with documentation of the creation of the legacy gift. We thank the following donors who have notified us of their legacy intention through an annuity, will, trust, iRA or life insurance:
Mr. Robert J. Arkin
and Ms. Rochelle C. King
Colonel and Mrs. Frank J. Augustyn Mr. and Mrs. laverne H. Billings Maude H. Blair trust
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Blum
Mrs. Richard n. Bromley
Mr. and Mrs. iain Calder
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Chapin Mr. and Mrs. Russell t. Clayton Harriet W. Cornell trust
Mrs. Janice t. Cruikshank
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Dale Jr. Mrs. Marcia Deluca
Mr. Robert J. Dixson
Mr. and Mrs. Wallace C. Doud Mr. and Mrs. Pete Dye Jr.
Mrs. Janet t. Earl
Dr. William R. Earnhart
Mr. George t. Elmore
Mrs. Frances n. Frisbie
Mr. and Mrs. lawrence Gagne Mr. and Mrs. Donald Glen Mrs. Barbara McAdams Hoyt Mr. Don Karlin
Eloise Kimmelman Foundation Mr. Eugene G. Koch
Mrs. Phyllis Spinner Kramer Mr. Robert C. Kurtz
Mrs. Wanda R. lynch
Mrs. Margaret l. Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Michael M. McCarthy Mr. and Mrs. R. thomas Mclean leonie G. Moffitt trust
Mrs. linda P. Moritz
Ms. Suzanne M. Morris
Mr. and Mrs. Armand Mouw
Mrs. thomas A. Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. Stormet C. norem Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Otto
Mr. Stephen F. Patterson
Mr. and Mrs. William M. Plum Sr.
Mrs. Clifford E. Ripley
Mr. Russell S. Robinson
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Romanoff Dr. Mary Elizabeth Roth
Mrs. Rosamond Santella
Mrs. linda B. Searle
Dr. ida M. Sebastian
Mrs. Pearl v. Smith
Mrs. nirene P. Stewart
Mr. Edmond t. Stofft
Mr. and Mrs. Joel t. Strawn
Mr. William C. talen
Mr. Glen D. treichler
Mr. and Mrs. Sumner H. tye Mrs. Margot E. Watson
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome A. Werner Mr. John H. Wert
Dr. H. Peter Wintrich
Mrs. Barbara Ann Wright

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