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                                                     Publix Super Markets Charities
Mr. and Mrs. Antonio G. Puente Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Quattrochi Dr. Jose Quinones and
Dr. April S. Quinones Mr. Eugene l. Quirin
the E. lafayette & Etienette A. Quirin Foundation, inc.
Dr. and Mrs. Pedro A. Rabionet
Dr. and Mrs. Richard B. Raborn
Mrs. Marie D. Rainero
Ralph Buick, inc.
Mrs. Ruth Rauch
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Raymond
Mr. David H. Reilly and Ms. Stacey M. Hallberg
Mr. leonard Resnick - Estate Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Rex Mr. and Mrs. James t. Rhode Mr. Anthony J. Rich
Rich Harvest Farms
Mrs. Barbara Richmond
Mrs. Jane Delano Ridder
Mrs. louise C. Riemer
Mrs. Dorothy C. Riley
Mr. Raymond Ripley Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Risdon iii Mr. and Mrs. Gary Ritson
Ms. Eleanor K. Roberts
Dr. Philip G. Robinson
Mr. Andrew Rockefeller
Ms. Joy l. Rodak
Dr. Albert i. Rodriguez
Mrs. laura S. Rodriguez
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Romanoff Dr. Roland P. Roth
Dr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Ruoff
Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Sallwasser Mr. thomas Sawicz and
Mrs. Elizabeth Green
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sawyer
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Scarpa Scarpa Cancer Research Benefit Mr. and Mrs. Edward Schain
Mr. and Mrs. irvin Schapiro
Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon F. Schiffman Mr. and Mrs. David B. Schiltz
Ms. Flora Schmid
Katharina and Joseph Schober
Mrs. lillian Scott
Mrs. Mary D. Scott Ms. Marion A. Sears Mrs. Harriet l. Secrest Mrs. Carmen Seh
Dr. Alfred W. Sem
Senior net
Mr. Richard l. Shanley
Mrs. linda v. Sharpe
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Shipley iii Shutts & Bowen llP
Walter and lillian Siben Foundation Mrs. Carole R. Sibley
Mr. leon R. Sikes Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. leon G. Silver
Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon F. Simborg Mrs. Constance H. Simmons
Mr. James t. Skelly Jr. - Estate
Dr. and Mrs. William K. Skinner
Mr. and Mrs. Mason P. Slaine
Mr. and Mrs. thomas E. Sliney
Mr. and Mrs. Carl R. Sloan
Ms. Cynthia H. Smith
Mrs. Hunter J. Smith
Dr. louis D. Snyder
Mr. and Mrs. lawrence Somach South Florida Gastroenterology Associates, P.A.
South Palm Beach County Association of insurance
Special Requests
Mrs. Jane B. Speer
Mr. thomas R. Speno
Mrs. Esther A. Spinner - Estate
Dr. and Mrs. Craig A. Spodak Spodak Dental Group
St. Jude Medical Supply
Mr. C. Richard Stafford and
Mrs. Charlot M. taylor
thomas F. Staley Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Milton S. Stearns Jr. Steel Fabricators, llC
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Stein
Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Stern
Mr. and Mrs. Randall E. Stofft Stokes Mechanical Contractors inc. Mrs. Eileen Stranahan
Stratford 360
Joel t. Strawn, P.A.
Stryker Medical Corporation
Mr. John Grohmann and
Dr. K. Eva Styperek-Grohmann Mrs. Dorothy A. Sullivan
Sunflower landscaping & Maintenance inc. Sun-Sentinel
Mrs. Catherine M. tacner - Estate Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. tarlton Mr. Ellis D. taylor
lifetime Giving
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. taylor Jr. Mrs. Susan O. taylor
Mr. William teitelbaum
Mr. and Mrs. Mark B. templeton Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. thistle the thomas J. & Ann l. Walsh Charitable trust
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. thompson Mr. and Mrs. lewis W. thomson Mrs. Martha tinker - Estate
Mr. and Mrs. C. Bradley tips
Mrs. Helen F. toal - Estate the toronto-Dominion Bank Mr. Glen D. treichler
Mr. lee trevino
trustbridge Health
Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. tuerk
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph turner
U.S. trust Company of Florida
United Healthcare Services, inc. United States Surgical
University Perinatal Associates Urology Center of South Florida vAliC Financial Advisors, inc.
Dr. and Mrs. Christian van Den Heuvel Mrs. Ruby B. van Rooyen
Mr. and Mrs. John t. vanderslice
Mrs. Rita S. viale
Mr. and Mrs. Warren l. vodak
Mr. and Mrs. John E. vollmer Jr.
Mrs. lillian M. Wagner-Dykhuis
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Walker
Mr. and Mrs. William l. Wallace
Dr. and Mrs. Guangsheng G. Wang Ward Damon Pl
Mrs. Evelyn C. Waters
Mrs. Feralyn G. Watson
Mrs. Margot E. Watson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Weber
Mr. and Mrs. Scott B. Weber
Weiner, lynne & thompson, PA
Mr. Harold l. Weinstein - Estate
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Weinstock
Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Weissman Mr. and Mrs. G. Richard Westin
Mr. Francis D. Wetherill
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Whalen
Mr. and Mrs. troy D. Wheat
Dr. and Mrs. Michael K. Wheeler
Mr. and Mrs. Charles l. White iii
Mrs. Dorothy Whitney
Mr. David E. Wildebrandt
Mrs. Mary Wiley
Mr. James Willard
Mr. John A. Williams
Mrs. trudy Willms
Mr. and Mrs. Winstone W. Windle Mr. and Mrs. theodore W. Winsberg Mr. and Mrs. Melvin l. Wolf
Mr. James A. Woodruff Jr.
Mr. thomas E. Woolbright Jr.
Mr. Charles M. Wormser
Mr. Henry F. Wright
the E. Stanley and Alice M. Wright Foundation
Mrs. Jeanne t. yake
yMCA of South Palm Beach County Mr. and Mrs. Gregory E. young
Mr. and Mrs. William t. young Sr. Mrs. yvonne Marie young
Dr. Xiao-Mei Zeng
Mr. and Mrs. John Ziacik
Mr. W. Paul Zimmerman
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory l. Zink
Dr. and Mrs. Gerardo Zloczover
Mr. and Mrs. Morgan M. Zook Sr.
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