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Jul / Aug 2018
A Dozen Questions
he KCRPCA is made up of a wonderful group of club members. As Membership Chair, I would
5. Work background or trade?
like to introduce this month’s feature member David Ross.
I work for Apple Inc. I develop and provide training for AppleCare technical support teams. I am also a musician; I play guitar for the Kansas City area Christian rock band, Break the Fall, as well as Restoration Church in Saint Joseph.
6. What makes your car special?
Definitely the low miles. The car only has 41,500 original miles on it. It has been very well maintained over the years and has required very little work.
Nothing major planned, but it will need some struts soon and finding decent tires
1. When did you join PCA?
Jeff Very recently; June 6th, I believe, is the Hallam exact date.
2. What Porsche do you have?
I have a black 1984 944.
3. Where are you from?
I currently live in Saint Joseph, Missouri
4. Family?
Just my wife of four years and our two dogs.
7. Next upgrade?

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