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  Near the end, four of us were separated by two cars. Then it happened. I was the one that missed the turn off. I saw it just after I passed it. Fortunately, the sweeper, Executive Vice President Agelon “T” Jones, rounded us up with a turn around and we easily caught up with the group. There may have been a bit of a sense of urgency; at least that is what I am calling it, and that was enjoyed by all.
The Nicholas Beazley Aviation Museum was very interesting and most
of us not only did not know it existed, we also learned of the significance Marshall, Missouri, played in aviation history. There were several vintage Nicholas Beazley airplanes in the museum, along with many artifacts from the period. The docent that guided us was well informed and did a good job bringing to life the time in which Nicholas Beazley was a leader in aviation.
The museum destination was the meet up location for both the Kansas City
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