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Sep / Oct 2018
Jeff Hallam
1. When did you join PCA?
I love the forest green/tan interior and it has an entire 40,000 miles on it - 36,000 when I bought it this year.
The only upgrade I have done to it is a Fabspeed cold air intake. It improves the intake sound and I think it runs even better. No upgrades planned.
No. I would like to somehow be able to Bluetooth music through the sound system, but it is 11 years old so it is low tech by today’s standard.
A Dozen Questions
all walks of life and backgrounds. As Membership Chair, I would like to introduce this month’s feature member Kelly Bonavia
he KCRPCA is made up of a Lynch. I have a 4 person team managing wonderful and diverse group of the finances for about 130 affluent club members. We come from families.
January 2018
7. Next upgrade?
2. What Porsche do you have?
Forest Green 2007 911 Carrera
3. Where are you from?
8. Have you personalized your car?
Kansas City, Missouri, and have lived the last 16 years in Prairie Village, Kansas
4. Family?
My beautiful wife Jaymie and daughter Meredith.
9. Favorite memory with a car?
5. Work background or trade?
Buying my 1984 BMW 528e new. It was so wonderful. It was Alpine blue with
I am a Financial Advisor with Merrill
6. What makes your car special?

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