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SOCIAL INVITE Location Time Pegah’s 87th & Quivira 7:00 talk cars, 7:30 eat HOLLEY JUCKETTE when we bought Fred Quintana a breakfast mimosa. We think it was the whip cream. Meanwhile, Brendon Jenks is happy to show off his yogurt parfe. We think he is being weight to horsepower concious considering he is autocrossing his Boxster. Come join us for breakfast. Pegah’s Restaurant is near 87th & Quivira in Lenexa. The early birds start showing up around 7:00 AM to talk cars, exhaust, tires and ways to spend each other’s money. HA! You got questions about Fred Quintana Join Us For SATURDAY BREAKFAST Around 7:15 to 7:30 AM, we meander into Pegah’s. They have a private dining room in the back reserved just for us. There could not be a better, more casual way to get to know your fellow KCRPCA members. We tend to wrap things up around 8:30, plenty of time for you to still get home and  nish some yard work. Come join us for breakfast. Maybe we’ll take a picture of your order, but most likely not. - Holly Brendon Jenks ome people are camera shy, others your car? Someone has answers. not so much. This was the case 10 NOV / DEC 2019 

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