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TECH ARTICLE Today’s Waterpumps EAXAMINATION & REPAIR s we end another hot season and pump can still have a big impact on move forward into the cooler your wallet. I’ve touched on this subject weather, one thing remains the before, but feel it is important to restress same....your water cooled Porsche’s cooling system is another year older! Since the watercooled Porsches came out back in the late 70’s and early 80’s, KARL it was common knowledge to replace WILEN those waterpumps on a regular basis as preventative maintenance. Back in those days, the waterpump rode on the timing belt, and a pump failure could have catastrophic effects on the motor. While the mechanism is slightly different on today’s engines, the results of a failed as new buyers are attracted to these cars with their affordable buy in pricing. While there is no timing belt to worry about on the modern watercooled engines, the pumps still fail as often if not more. Symptoms of a failing waterpump can manifest as a “pulley noise”, grinding noise, or a small drip of coolant underneath the car. It might even burn the belt and cause a rubber smell as the pulley wobbles and eats the drive belt. 18 NOV / DEC 2019 

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