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DRIVING EVENT Drivers Education Event H1EARTLAND PARK 4,481 miles. This is the number of track miles that I have put on my 1982 Porsche 930, aka The BOB WAYMAN Pumpkin, since February 2008. When you put that many miles on a car and visit as many tracks as I have, it tends to have an effect on you. The most recent of these miles were shared with 100+ similarly affected participants at KCRPCA’s September 2019 DE at Heartland Motorsport Park in south Topeka. This was an unusual KCRPCA event for me. After 11 years of running KCRPCA’s Heartland track events, I have turned the reins over to Dave Stadtmueller this year. I helped a bit with the April Club Race, but Dave needed no assistance with this one. It was a superbly run event. He and the event were well organized, and it showed. His attention to detail and ability to work with all the drivers made it fun for everyone. It is of cial. The transition is complete. The KCRPCA’s track event program is in fantastic hands. It was quite interesting for me to just show up and drive at a KCRPCA event. I might just get used to this. Thanks, Dave. The most interesting thing about this event was the number of new faces. I also felt a sense of renewed enthusiasm from them. Putting their car on the track gave them a sense of excitement. They were doing what these cars were meant for; Getting track time! KCRPCA has always had a strong track-spirit. It may have waned a little in the years while Heartland Park, our home track, was in disrepair, but it is back in full bloom. 36 NOV / DEC 2019 

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