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TECH EVENT LARRY DELPHIA Tech Session’ held at the newly renovated Porsche Kansas City on Oct 12, 2019. We did an event like this last year and received a great turnout and positive feedback. This year we had another excellent turnout with about 40 members present. The plan was simple. We brought in two club members’ cars to get a little work done on them. In doing so, Porsche KC got to show off their brand new service center. And Wow, it is nice! The How To’s & Detail Behind TECH EVENT The  rst car, a beautiful black 911 Targa 4S, had an oil change performed. Porsche KC’s technician went through the step-by-step process of the oil change. While the oil change may be he KCRPCA likes to provide lots of different activities for our club members. The latest event was a rather straightforward, I was amazed at the amount of other things the technician checked for. It is nice to know the tech does not just speed through the process. His multipoint inspection makes sure the car is in top performing condition. The other car, a black Cayman, had a brake pad replacement. Stock brake pads were used. They are more than adequate for the driving duties of this Cayman. We did learn a few tricks with grease to help prevent brake squeaking. What was it? You should have come to the event. Ha! Maybe you can learn it next year. While the maintenance was being done, many members took the time to tour the beautiful new maintenance facility. It was spotless. It’s high walls were adorned with some very impressive Porsche prints. 56 NOV / DEC 2019 Rodney Parker Porsche Service Manager Kris Loftus Gold Certi ed Porsche Technician | Shop Foreman 

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