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Age Limit: 35
Appl Deadline: Feb 5, ‘20
NEW 48TH Loren L. Zachary National Vocal Competition - New York & Los Angeles
Sponsored By: Loren L. Zachary Society Competition Date: Mar 2-6, ‘20 & Mar 23- 25, ‘20
Age Limit: 35
Appl Deadline: Jan 17, ‘20
Sponsored By: Liceu Opera Barcelona Age Limit: (M) 35; (F) 32
Appl Deadline: Oct 1, ‘19
NEW 57th Tenor Viñas International Singing Contest - Barcelona, Spain Sponsored By: Francisco ViÒas Foundation
Age Limit: (M) 32; (F) 35 Appl Deadline: Oct 1, ‘19
7th Annual Vocal Awards Competition - Falls Church, VA
Sponsored By: Partners For the Arts
Age Limit: 35
Appl Deadline: Sep 6, ‘19
9th Brava! Opera Theater and James M. Collier Young Artist Program Vocal
Competition - Medford, OR Sponsored By: Brava Opera Theater Competition Date: Oct 27, ‘19
Age Limit: 35
Appl Deadline: Sep 19, ‘19
NEW American Czech/Slovak International Voice Competition - Green Bay, WI
Sponsored By: University of Wisconsin Green Bay
Age Limit: (M) 34; (F) 32
Appl Deadline: Sep 23, ‘19
NEW International Sibelius Singing Competition - Järvenpää, Finland Sponsored By: International Sibelius Singing Competition
Age Limit: 35
Appl Deadline: Nov 20, ‘19
NEW Mary Jacobs Smith Singer of the Year Competition - Shreveport, LA Sponsored By: Shreveport Opera
Age Limit: 33
Appl Deadline: Jan 16, ‘20
McLellan Competition - Winnipeg, MB, Canada
Sponsored By: Women’s Musical Club of Winnipeg
Age Limit: 35
Appl Deadline: Nov 15, ‘19
NATS Artist Awards (NATSAA) - Jacksonville, FL
Sponsored By: National Association of Teachers of Singing
Age Limit: 35
Appl Deadline: Sep 9, ‘19
NEW The Wagner Society 2019 Singing Competition - London, United Kingdom Sponsored By: The Wagner Society Competition Date: Nov 23, ‘19
Age Limit: 35
Appl Deadline: Sep 23, ‘19
Age 40 and Under
NEW 10th International Competition for Opera Singers - Pienza, Italy
Sponsored By: Opera Pienza
Age Limit: 36
Appl Deadline: Oct 7, ‘19
NEW Olympic Voices - Italy Sponsored By: Societa del Quartetto Age Limit: 39
Appl Deadline: Sep 27, ‘19
The Carolyn Bailey and Dominick Argento Vocal Competition - Canyon, TX
Sponsored By: National Opera Association
Age Limit: 40
Appl Deadline: Oct 15, ‘19
Bachelor of Arts in Music
Bachelor of Arts in Music (combined with a second major)
Bachelor of Music Education Bachelor of Music in Performance
Susan Hochmiller -
Coordinator of Vocal Studies Je rey Fahnestock
Matthew Osifchin
For Open House and Audition dates, go to:
Sunderman Conservatory of Music Gettysburg College
Gettysburg, PA 17325
by David F. Ostwald
A detailed guide to singing-acting for teachers and singers
“The way to understand how to create a complete three-dimensional character.”
Carol Kirkpatrick author, Ariaready
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