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long, arching, chorale-like line, beneath which the keyboard plays staccato o beat chords. This texture reinforces the fear and shock of the subject in an almost orchestral manner.
If you feel that programming long, strophic meditations on human weakness or the end of the world is unappealing, let me tell you about Bach’s delightful secular songs. These were published in various collections and feature poetry by some of the most revered writers of the late 18th century. Ranging from whimsical
all the way to deeply sardonic, this collection contains both miniatures and elaborate through-composed works.
One example is the charming
“Die Küsse” (“The Kisses”), which narrates a young lover’s dilemma. An older, wiser man has counseled the young man that too much kissing is an excess to be avoided, so he attempts
to restrict himself with his beloved. This song is written in a binary form.
The  rst section, where the young man takes the criticism
of his behavior to
heart, cadences in
the relative minor.
The second section
begins with the
opening melody as
he attempts to ful ll
his plan with his
sweetheart present—
but the melody, like
his scheme, goes awry
as she gently mocks him and reminds him that the only critic that matters is she herself!
And I must mention my favorite piece in this collection: the brilliant cantata for voice and piano, “Die
Grazien” (“The Graces”). The poem, by one of the Enlightenment’s most brilliant poets, Heinrich Wilhelm von Gerstenberg,  ows seamlessly between poetry and prose. It is a masterpiece of misdirection and wit. 21
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