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 Flame Photometer Maintenance and Consumables
 BWB Technologies supplies a range of products for our customers to ensure that their flame photometer performs to the highest standards for years to come!
The BWB fluids kit
BWB’s calibration standards offer convenience and value for money. Delivered in high concentration of 10,000ppm, the small 150ml bottle delivers 15 litres of top quality calibration standards. Additionally the high concentrations give our customers the confidence and satisfaction of a long shelf life.
Our standard fluids kit contains the following items:
Concentrated solutions:
We supply solutions that are concentrated for ease of dilution and maximum benefit to customers and minimize freight costs due to weight and size of packaging.
Laboratory starter pack
(As supplied with each BWB Flame Photometer)
BWB’s philosophy of “Just Add Gas” means our customers enjoy a complete solution
that they can set-up within 30 minutes and use straight out of the box. “Just Add Gas” means that nothing is left out, including the laboratory equipment need to prepare standards/ samples and analyse them with the BWB flame photometer. Many customers appreciate
the quality and durability of these components and reorder the laboratory
starter pack after the initial items are depleted.
Annual Replacement Components:
The BWB flame photometer is an incredibly robust and reliable piece of equipment, however as with any high technology product, it is important that regular maintenance is carried out. BWB has compiled a complete list of the common components we recommend are replaced annually:
018-526 Air Filter Assembly
018-529 Igniter Electrode Assembly
018-533 Aspiration Kit
019-674 Gas Filter assembly (without Adjustment Valve) 018-535 Mixing Chamber Assembly (Side Entry) 019-667 Air Compressor Inlet Filter Kit
019-676 “O”-Ring Replacement Kit
Annual Replacement Kits:
Annual Maintenance kits (AMK) are tailored to the items recommended to keep your BWB Flame Photometer running flawlessly.
Preventive Maintenance kits (PMK) are identical to the AMK but include the inbuilt air compressor for those who Must Have trouble free assurance.
Extended Warranty available
     + THANK YOU
The concept of “Just add
gas” was the contribution of Kenny in the very early days of BWB. This key concept is one of the original cornerstones of BWB Technologies and is as important today as it was back then. Thank you Kenny!

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