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 Kennard African American Cultural Heritage Center and Museum
   Queen Anne’s County Courthouse
410 Little Kidwell Ave., is a museum in the
old African American public high school that highlights African American life in both Queen Anne’s County and the nation. With an emphasis on the period of 1936 through 1966, when Kennard High School (KHS) operated, exhibits feature pictures and artifacts from African American culture in education, occupation, military, business, and civic life during that era as well as recorded histories of KHS students, teachers, and local citizens of that era. The museum also captures the history of Lucretia Kennard, supervisor of Queen Anne’s County Negro schools who raised the funds for the first Black high school in Centreville. Open 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on the first Saturday of the month from May through December or by appointment. or 443.239.2110
100 Court House Square, is the oldest courthouse in continuous use in the State of Maryland. The Courthouse green was designed
124 S.Commerce St.,is one of the original homes in the Town of Centreville. Built during the 1790’s, the house stands on the second lot sold in the town. In 1968, Mrs. Nancy Holland Tucker donated the house to the Queen Anne’s County Historical Society. Enjoy period furnishings and a collection of rose medallion china, and hear some fascinating stories about life in Centreville over the past 225 years. Open 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on the first Saturday
of the month from April through December
or by appointment.
101 Water Way (Watson Rd.), History and beauty flow side by side in this place where wheat and cattle for Revolutionary War troops were shipped from. In later years this riverside part of the Town of Centreville was home to two of the business giants of the second half of the 18th Century, John Ozmon and Cloudsbury Clash. Along with many other men of business in Centreville, they operated granaries, warehouses and various export businesses. Their stories along with those
 St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
  Tucker House
Centreville Wharf
in the traditional colonial town square style with a beautiful sculpture of the county’s namesake “Good Queen Anne” placed in the center of the square. In 2017, the Courthouse was chosen to represent small town America in the Johnny Cash video Ragged Old Flag, which aired during the Super Bowl LI pre-show.
301 S. Liberty St., was officially established by the Vestry Act of 1692, but may have origins that stretch further back. Originally located approximately one mile west of the current town limits, the church was relocated to Centreville in 1834. Many of the leading citizens throughout the history of Centreville and Queen Anne’s County have worshipped at St. Paul’s, some of whom are memorialized in the church’s beautiful Tiffany stained glass windows. Today, St. Paul’s remains a vibrant church with services at 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. every Sunday in the fall, winter
and spring and 10 a.m. between Memorial Day and Labor Day.
or 410.758.1553
of many others can be seen along the wharf trail. Today’s visitor can launch a boat or kayak from the public landing here, fish from the pier
or enjoy the Wharf Park. 410.758.1180
119 S. Commerce St., is an 18th century farm house known for its original wood paneling, extraordinary antiques and a collection of Canton china. In the mid-1960’s the Queen Anne’s County Historical Society rescued the home from demolition and moved it four
miles into the Town of Centreville. The Society maintains the house as a museum where visitors can learn about local history. Open 10 a.m. to
2 p.m. on the first Saturday of the month from April through December or by appointment.
Bloomfield Farm Manor 200 Bloomfield Farm Lane
     Wright’s Chance
 The Town of Centreville

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