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  HCMA Presidents were honored: Drs. Robert Isbell (1983), Edward Farrior (2003), Hernan Leon (1991), Fred Bearison (2016 & 2017), William Davison (2012), Luis Menendez (1998), Edward Homan (1999), and Thomas Bernasek (current).
HCMA Presidents were honored: Drs. Ron Seeley (1980), Bruce Shephard (2006), Christopher Pittman (2013), John Curran (2008), Glenn Hooper (1984), and Hunter Eubanks (1992).
USF MCOM Dean, Dr. Charles Lockwood, Dr. Linda McClintock, and former Tampa Mayor Dick Greco.
Photo Membership Dinne
On November 20th the HCMA held its Membership Reddy MD Memorial Award was presented to Les a four star general in US Military, was the evening’s gue
The medical students in attendance were “mentored” Joel Silverfield, and Jennifer Ting.
Many thanks to GCD Insurance Consultants, ProAss and continued support!
   Craig Brotchie, Gen. Ann Dunwoody, Debbie Zorian (HCMA Executive Director), and David Goss (ProAssurance VP of Sales).
Jeremy Enns, Insurance Co sponsor and - welcomed t
  Craig Brotchie, Gen. Ann Dunwoody, Les & Pam Muma, Dr. Thomas Bernasek, and Tammy King.
HCMA BULLETIN, Vol 64, No. 5 – January/February 2019
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