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We’re a California-based corporation with offices in Scandinavia and the UK.
For the past 35+ years, Christopher Wicks, Owner and Creative Director of
Global Rebels, Inc. have been designing, manufacturing and licensing brands.
The company have been very successful over the years in designing- &
licensing brands owned by Mr. Wicks such as: English Laundry by Christopher
Wicks, Da Vinci of California - the Original since 1952, Vintage Concert
Tees, Rock and Roll Religion, Xisses and The Chelsea Boot Co., Est. 1851 to
name a few.
The company have over the years licensed and/or managed an amazing array of
brands such as: Champion Sportswear (1979 UK), Body Glove, LA Gear,  Ocean
Pacific, Hang Ten, LA Gear, Fender® the Guitar Company, Jimi Hendrix - the
Experience, The Lyrics of Lennon & McCartney (Sony ATV), John Lennon (Bag
One) and David Bowie - Photographs by Terry O’Neill (Iconic Images),
Our roots are in rock & roll and the brands we have created and licensed
have a very strong music influence. We love what we do and are very
passionate about what we create and all this experience in the business of
licensing, have lead us down a different path in licensing...a better path!

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