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  Garden State Amateur Radio Association
W2GSA 147.045 + PL67
  FEBRUARY 2021 The pandemic has certainly turned our worlds on our heads! That is an understatement, to be sure. But
one thing I am hearing a lot is that the pandemic has
given us a lot of time to get on the air. We saw that last Field Day, for sure. But since then, the bands have been filled with people stuck at home and
isolating with their only connection with the outside world being ham radio.
Personally I have taken the time to round off some of my WAS categories. It has been challenging since it is hard to find a specific state on the band and mode that I needed. So, to help with that I have relied on Facebook and texting. For Delaware, for example, I got a hint that there was a ham who loved to help out in DE and I got in touch with him. He was incredibly helpful and I managed to snag him on several modes I needed. I also was able to hook up with a KL2 in Alaska and Hawaii for my almost-finished WAS on FT8 15 meters (still need Vermont, though). Using Facebook, I put up an annoucement on the PSK board that I needed MA and GA to finish off my clean sweep of PSK modes (31, 63 and 125) for WAS on those modes. Within a day I had responses from very will- ing and patient hams who helped me to make it happen. Bottom line: I set a goal and found ways to make it happen. But there was an even more important lesson. It is an old ham radio lesson that we should take to heart - none of us can do this alone.
The very nature of awards is that we need people willing to talk to us! It sounds obvious but we sometimes forget it getting lost in the self-imposed competition to complete a goal. And we depend on others to help us get there. In the same vein, others depend upon us to help them complete their goals. This is more than just a single QSO that comes and goes in a flash. It is the beginning of ham radio friendships that remain with us for a long time. Indeed, I have created friendships with AH6SZ, KL2R, and others that are ongoing even after the QSOs have been logged and counted in LoTW. It is a good feeling. As they also needed NJ for their bands/modes, I was more than happy to give it to them.
We have members of the club who are just starting out. Though their questions may seem ba- sic to many, for them the questions are important and necessary. They need our help and we all
ought to be willing to be non-judgemental, open and inviting for them to ask us. Real friendships often evolve from a first question. This helps you, helps the other ham,
and helps the club.
Cy Stanway, K2CYS

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