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ve sessions
A special testing session may be pos- sible for GSARA members only using automobiles parked at the Red Cross building. We have done this twice with success.
Such a testing session would be only for a very limited number of examinees and might have to be rescheduled due to adverse conditions (including torren- tial rains, blizzards, thunder storms and total solar eclipses).
Please let me know about your up- grade testing needs, when you might be prepared for a General or Extra test, etc. I can be reached at 732-206-6692 or
In the meantime (and our times have been mean this year), keep studying.
Regards. John, KA2F for Richard N3RB and the GSARA testing team
   The Thursday, February 4 pro- gram meeting at 7:30 will fea-
ture ARRL Hudson Division Director Ria Jairam, N2RJ who will bring us up to date
on the latest ARRL activities from the latest Board meet-
ing in January. Ria also recently obtained her drone pilot license which will be interesting to hear
The presentation will be via Zoom. We look for a good turnout.
GSARA will also have a business meeting on the third Thursday in February, the 18th at 7:30 pm and this will also be via Zoom. Don’t miss it!
  write an op-ed
Do you want to offer an op-ed for the front page of the Propagator? Great! Send your op-ed to Cy, K2CYS to and it will go on the front page. Keep it ham radio related, naturally, and avoid politics and religion (!) and he will put it on the front page. Let us know your ham radio adventures and share with the club!

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