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 Congratulations, matt, n2ug
Congratulations Matt, N2UG on being presented the first ever President’s Award. Go here to see and hear the incredible behind-the-scenes work that Matt has done over the years. Well done, Matt and well-deserved!
The officers and trustees of the Garden State Amateur Radio Association have authorized a special award
to be designated the President’s Award. This award
shall be given by the President periodically to that member who the President deems has stepped
forward to make an extraordinary and valuable con- tribution to the Club and its members through the giving of their time, talents and resources.
As you see above, the first recipient of this award was presented to Matt Capozzoli, N2UG behind the Red Cross on Saturday, January 16 for all the work he has done to improve our radio room and the antenna farm.
This award is accompanied by a plaque presented to the recipient in recognition and attesting to the award hav- ing been granted.

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